What makes you want to contribute to an open source project?

094459 profile image Ricardo Sueiras Updated on ・1 min read

Do you contribute to open source projects? What is it that you look for before spending time/effort in doing so?

Collecting data which I will share here - please consider taking part if you contribute (or have thought about doing so) in open source projects.

Please find the link below



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We ran a survey on OSS contributing and you can see some of the results here - works-hub.com/how-it-works?site=ca...

I would be happy to share some more of the data if you think it would be useful? It is quite focused on how developers use it to help be hired or hire though :)


Thanks Charlie. Love the graphics and presentation of the data. Would love to chat some more and do a deeper dive on the data. The Twitter poll ends in 6 days, so lets connect then.