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What is the favorite thing you keep on your desk?

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Keeping figurines, rubber ducks, alarm clocks and other kinds of decoration on ones desk seems to be quite common these days.

It's not hard to get that you'd like to pimp out the place where you spend roughly eight hours every day.

I'm curious as to what you keep on your desks, and more specifically; which one your favorite is, and why?

My favorite? A little vault boy bobblehead that I bought at a carnival. Why? He's happy, always seems to dig the music I play (he's a bobblehead after all) and always prepared to take on whatever life throws at him.

Vault Boy figurine

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I used to have one of those levitating globes on my desk. It was great to spin when I was thinking.

Levitating Globe

image from Giphy not my desk 😎


All of these things were gifts from someone and they bring me back to when I received them. That’s my favorite stuff to have around.


Love the giraffe! I have one of those Monas as well! So cute! 😍


A 1960’s era Matchbox car that I lost in my Dad's vegetable garden 50 years ago, and found 10 years ago.


According to the stamp on the undercarriage - it's a Fiat 1500. :-) Uploads to aren't working for some reason, so...

Wow, so cool! Especially after 40 years in a vegetable garden.

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