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re: I was and to a certain extent still am a complete advocate for privacy and security. I believe our data should stay our data unless we consent othe...

Likewise. I use macOS and have jumped back and forth from various linux distros for the reasons you outlined.

I held off moving to VSCodium because Visual Studio Code was good enough with telemetry disabled. But I made the switch anyway and it's been pain free so far.


I'm currently using Pop OS (a version of Ubuntu) after moving from Windows 10 (because of privacy) but due to the lack of support for software like Adobe. (I do expect this for Linux due to the nature of it). But, I'm heavily debating a switch to MacOS for this reason but my main pain point is how much Apple charge for it.

I would move off VS Code but I've found if companies are going to take my data, I want something in return. This is why I'm not against using Google and its services. I might as well get a service off them for giving them my data.

Unless you use something like freebsd, there is always a compromise to be made. I run my own wireguard vpn, use protonmail. But I also use a bunch of things just to get stuff done. It's just a case of taking control where feasible I guess.

That's exactly my mentality, I admit I could commit more. I could move off Gmail but to do so would be a lot of work and I'm not sure what I'd actually gain from it.

I love that the options exist and they definitely should but unfortunately I think the convenience these big companies offer to everyone outweighs people's desire to control their data. 🤷🏻‍♂️


well technically, it shouldn't pose any issue since your are using the same thing minus the telemetry.

That said, I personally would still stick to VS Code.

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