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Introduction to Kecomaac

In this post, I would like to introduce you a Windows desktop application keeping your computer always active. It's called Kecomaac. Its name is abbreviation of KEep COMputer Always ACtive.

Why using Kecomaac?

To know further why we should use Kecomaac, now let's analyze two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1

Suppose you have been working on Microsoft Teams. One day you want to keep it always online without away status after minutes.

Scenario 2

Assume you will go away about some minutes to do something, but you still wanna keep your Skype online without away status.

Basically, Microsoft Teams or Skype or others will mark your status as away if there is no any interaction after minutes.

To keep your computer always active, you will have to cheat OS by simulating constant mouse movement automatically.

That's why Kecomaac was born to solve this problem.

Supported Platforms

Kecomaac is an open source application written in Windows Forms + .NET Framework 2.0. Therefore, it can run on Windows XP and higher.

Kecomaac supports Portable version and Installer version.

You can find entire source code of Kecomaac and download it at the following link:

Any your idea about Kecomaac will be appreciated.

I always welcome any idea.

Hope you enjoy Kecomaac!

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