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How to Become a Certified Blockchain Developer?

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Nobody thought about the extensive success of Blockchain. Today, it has influenced countless industries. The applications based on this technology have led to massive changes across different verticals of the industry. For this reason, more and more individuals are looking forward to become Certified Blockchain Developers and build their career in this field. Exploring the responsibilities and roles of blockchain developers offers countless benefits. Read on to know how you can become an industry expert and get a dream job in this field.

Benefits of becoming a certified Blockchain Developer

Blockchain's popularity isn't limited to good investment and returns. Today more and more enterprises have started to look for Blockchain experts for various job roles. You must have come across multiple advertisements wherein the company requires a professional in Blockchain technology.

Blockchain is one of the popular skills which have shown exponential growth in a short period. The best part is that the average salary for a blockchain developer is much higher than job roles in other industries.

There are countless reasons for building a career in Blockchain. The best way to get started is by taking the course. If you are entirely new to this field, you can also begin by navigating different articles and blog posts available on the web. A professional Blockchain Developer Certification is one of the best ways to get started, though.

First, create a strategy or a plan by finding the different job roles available for a blockchain developer. It will give you a better understanding of a blockchain expert's roles and responsibilities, which further helps you find out about the job roles that best fit your expertise.

Role of a Blockchain expert

Professional blockchain developers need to come up with various blockchain solutions meeting the client requirements. However, to build a high-paying and rewarding career, you'll need advanced knowledge and skills. A generic understanding of the field won't do you much good.
Find out about the job roles available for Blockchain experts. The typical functions for a blockchain expert include blockchain software developer and blockchain developer. However, countless other opportunities can be pursued as a Blockchain expert, such as smart-contract developers or engineers. Listed below are some of the significant job roles that can be followed as a Blockchain expert –

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain experts who take up a developer's job role are responsible for carrying various responsibilities such as maintenance and development of the decentralized framework. Plus, the developers are also responsible for planning and supervising blockchain-based projects. They also provide consultation to the organizations that use Distributed Ledger Technologies for their business. As a developer, you'll also be responsible for understanding the company's needs. High-profile blockchain developers may also consider working as a project manager for the company responsible for training the employees and other team members.

Blockchain Software Developer

An expert blockchain software developer is responsible for providing foundation and solutions to various blockchain problems. If you build your skills in this niche, you are sure to get lucrative job offers with the right package. A blockchain back-end developer and software developer creates the applicants' mobile and web variants that fall into a decentralized framework. As a blockchain expert, your significant responsibility would be to develop and design APIs to facilitate the integration of Blockchain with the company's existing tools. Additionally, the experts also execute performance deployment and testing while benefitting the clients with technical support.

Smart Contract Developer

Smart contracts have a significant role to play in the blockchain ecosystem. For this reason, there has been exponential growth in the demand for Smart Contract Developers. Therefore, several organizations seek expert developers to handle smart contract integration into solutions based on Blockchain. The increasing demand for developers is one of the significant facts that has encouraged individuals to pursue a career as a blockchain developer. Smart contract engineers or developers must be fluent in multiple languages related to smart-contract including Python, Go, and Solidity. Smart-contract engineers are responsible for Smart contract development and audits, interaction and consultation with buyers and users, understanding and reviewing security and business flow for eliminating lacunae in blockchain solutions.

Final Say

You can determine the variation and flexibility of the multiple roles that can be pursued on becoming an expert blockchain developer. This field opens countless career options for individuals, from developing advanced blockchain solutions to dealing with the business's emerging challenges. Certified Blockchain Developer Salary is highly lucrative, given you have reasonable control and command in your area of expertise.

Besides, it would be best to continue enhancing your skills as a blockchain developer. It's best to take up professionally created certification courses as they provide detailed insight into the analytical aspect of Blockchain. For best Blockchain Developer courses check out the courses offered by 101 Blockchain. Their learning programs also allow the learners to advance their design, development, debugging, and testing skills.

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