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Crucial VS Code Hotkeys

I LOVE HOTKEYS! The less keystrokes I need to type, the better. In this blog I'll go over my favorite hotkeys that I've found so far when using VS Code.

Before we dive in I'd like to address that I'm currently using a mac for my coding adventures. All of the hotkeys I'll be talking about will be for mac. Sorry windows and linux users...

Opening VS Code's Built In Terminal

To open VS Code's built in terminal, use command + ~. No more tabbing back and forth for me!

Open and Close the Sidebar

To quickly close and open the sidebar, use command + b.

Switch Between Workspaces

VS Code does a good job of recording what folders you have previously opened. To quickly navigate to these folders use control + r.

Search For a File

If your project gets complex enough searching for specific files can be a pain. Use command + p to quickly search for a file or symbol by name.

Navigate to a Specific Line

On the topic of command + p, if you start your search with : followed by a number VS Code will navigate you to that specific line. You can also use control + g.

Folding and Unfolding

If your codebase is getting too large and you prefer a clean screen you can fold your classes or methods to reduce clutter. To fold your classes or methods use command + option + [. To unfold them use command + option + ].

Select All Instances of a Word

To select all occurrences of a word use command + shift + l. From here you're able to edit all of your selections at once.

Select a Single Instance of a Word

To select a single word use command + d. If you do it more than once VS Code will add the next occurrence of the word to your selection.

Move a Line

To move a line up or down a line, use option + the up or down arrows.

Copy a Line

To copy a line of code either up or down a line use shift + option + up or down.

Delete a Line

To quickly delete a line use command + x. To delete the portion of the line to the left of your selection use command + delete.

Duplicate Your Cursor

This one is incredibly helpful when you are doing repetitive tasks. Use command + option + up or down. Alternatively, you can hold option and click to add another cursor location.

Hopefully some of these hotkeys are helpful in your future coding adventures! I'm always looking for new hotkeys to add to my arsenal so please let me know if I missed any important ones.

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