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Discussion on: Let's face it, we have a broken technical interview process in our industry

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Based on my "personality test" - you sound like someone I'd hire.

But I'm curious, why do you prefer whiteboard to take home? Maybe I just do the take home test differently to everyone else... but maybe I don't see the problem with it.

I'll preface (or is this post now?). In my take home test, the requirements are deliberately vague, and the only way to do it wrong, is to not turn it in. When talking to candidates about it, I'm careful not to critique it, I'm more interested in WHY choices were made and what else is in your head, rather than WHAT you did.

Finally, I get the gender thing, but please don't feel like you have to. I'll admit my bias - I'm more likely to hire women than men, for the same reason I'm more likely to hire a Russian than a Brit, or (shock horror) a Black guy over a White guy. All else being equal, I'll swing in the direction of what we don't have in the office to try to minimise the echo chamber effect.

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I often find instructions confusing - knowing what is expected of me is important (I might have ASD though so that could be it). With a whiteboard you can easily turn around and ask, and if they are stiff-lipped I just say something "oh right so this is about how I make my decisions, gotcha", then go on - at least I've been able to announce what it is I'll be doing and why I might cut corners here and there. It's also often much shorter. A whiteboard is a short burst of energy which is closer to how I function.
The take-homes I made were often several hour long assignments, and timed (countdown the moment you open it), so I couldn't decide how I worked on it or when, I wasn't sure what kind of solution they were looking for. If it's too short of a question it's basically leetcode / algorithm grinding and you could have done that during the interview irl, if it's a big codebase that you need to dig through, it can take a lot of time just understanding what they want.

Must say I'm not sure about the last part of your comment or whether I'll ruin my hypothetical job chances with you, but I'd like to get in because I was the best, not because I was a woman. I know it often says "all else being equal" but no two candidates are ever carbon copies of one another. At some point gender or race becomes a notch in the plus or minus column, along with their other points. I wish that didn't happen.