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How to Deploy a Rails Project to a Server?

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What is Rails?

Rails is a web framework developed based on the Ruby language. It is well-received by startups around the world. With its perfect functions and ease of use it is a favorite of full stack engineers.

21YunBox provides a very simple Rails project deployment method like Heroku or Netlfiy. You can deploy with 21YunBox by using the Ruby runtime environment.

How to deploy Rails Project to Server

  1. Register to become a 21YunBox member
  2. Create a PostgreSQL database
  3. In Gitee Fork Rails 6 start template
  4. Create a Cloud Service on 21YunBox, and allow 21YunBox to access your code base
  5. Create with the following configuration


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Build command

Create an file in the root directory of rails with the following content,
Then during the build process, execute:

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# command executed
bundle install
bundle exec rake assets:precompile
bundle exec rake assets:clean
bundle exec rake db:migrate
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Start command:

bundle exec puma -C config/puma.rb
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Click Advanced Configuration to configure environment variables:

RAILS_ENV production
PORT 10000, 21YunBox default reads port 10000
DATABASE_URL In Cloud Database, click Database URL to get
RAILS_MASTER_KEY Generated by bin/rails credentials:edit

In seconds, your rails service can be accessed at

Alt Text Screenshot of successful deployment of Rails startup template

Why Choose 21YunBox?

21YunBox is a Cloud Service platform based out of Beijing. Our services enable your team to be more effective in leveraging the growing opportunity within China by hosting your sites at blazing speeds with an operational and maintenance free, and low code solution.

21YunBox provides an easy and budget friendly, end-to-end web platform deployment service for all applications from small teams to large enterprises.
We also offer full support in obtaining your ICP license{:target="_blank"} allowing you to legally host online content inside of Mainland China.

To learn about the differences between 21YunBox and these foreign (outside of China) cloud service platforms, please refer to:

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