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Coding Journey Report 1 (18-24/4/2022)

Wow what an amazing week, I had the pleasure of having Matteo Leonesi reach out and wanting to help - I am very humble to have anyone help me reach my goals of creating monoGames, I can only hope I can help you out too, Thank You ❤️ your a Champion 🏆.

I had the pleasure in having a conference call with Cockraoch Labs with Emily and Rachel. They were simply amazing to talk with and what they could offer my projects and I also received $100 gift voucher which I let them donate the gift to cancer as I know what victims of cancers go through. So you can see why I will be using Cochroach Labs in my project.

I reached out to Ready Player Me to see if I could connect their awesome easy to use character creator for monoGames, and I got a wonderful email saying I have been accepted - Thank you and I am over the moon.

A member of my Torum followers reach out to me to see if I could use Koinos Blockchain, so I sent them an email and I got a positive response. So I will be adding Koinos Blockchain to monoGames with Eth, Sol, Hive, Signum, Wax, BSC, etc. I know if your going to build your project you need to listen to your followers and Thank You Journeyman.

This has truly been a Great Week but you can imagine every week I go through a lot of information, save them in files, go through the files thoroughly and weed out what I dont think I need while working on the monoGames project at my Github repository for monoGames. I still have a very long way to go but every day I get closer especially with this Devto community as it has so many resources.

On a final note, last week I said I would post some basic HTML and CSS that I had learnt from HeadFirst HTML and CSS that I wanted to share to help others to understand workflows who are starting off but I see its a big undertaking especially with all the work I do trying to build my project so until I become an expert at HTML and CSS I will leave this to the experts but what I will say is that the HeadFirst HTML and CSS Book with these two links w3school and MDM are really good sources to learn especially now that I am learning javascript.

Thanks for reading the post and if you have any questions or would like to know more about my projects then please feel free to PM.

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Matteo Leonesi

thanks! if u need help for js text me on discord (Tokyo Brother#5768 )or telegram !

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Steven Mcleod

I will when the time comes and Thank You once again :):):).