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Extend 'pairing' to read docs and watch talks

Disclaimer : I am not a good story teller, so feel free to jump to the The Idea direclty.


@ron4ex and I frequently reach to each other offline or via call, if we stuck somewhere or need another perceptive in our tasks. In which, the other guy doesn't necessarily have gone through the same scenario but helps the seeking one with one's view and knowledge base.

Currently we both got to work on React + Firebase stack. Two days before, we discussed that each of our project needs a service to keep common firebase query related tasks in it. So we roughly decided the API of the same. And yesterday both of us worked to add that service in our respective project.

Today we had a call to discuss the service. I found the discussion little different than usual. As we were working on same problem, during discussion we were able to share many cases/ideas/issues to make the service much better, which eventually may be a separate library.

From the story above, I was thinking,

The Idea

Let say to read a blog post like , if two guys sit an decide to read and understand individually. Then meet on a call to discuss on it. What an amazing level of knowledge and understanding they both will get out of it.

The same is applicable to do side projects in same tech-stack or to watch the conference talks.

I am having below blog posts in my to do list to read and understand. Please let me know if anyone want to pair with me for the same.

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