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Identity Community Hour - 09/10/2020

Community Hour(s) == YOUR hour(s)

Welcome to another week and another stream of our Community Hour... well hours since we decided to permenantly extend our regular schedule to 2hrs instead of 1hr and get more crammed in. Today's stream was so exciting as we had our good friend Maarten Balliauw, a Dev Advocate for the JetBrains team to show us some really cool things in Rider and code live with us! We also had a surprise segment where we did a live unboxing of the new Surface Duo that was delivered to our HQ 10 mins before going live!! Talk about perfect timing :)

Check out the stream on demand here or watch it below:

Community Shout outs

We may have had to skip the Community Shout outs due to technical issues on my end (Teams didn't like my screen share) but this doesn't meant that we didn't want to call out the great work that our community has been doing around Azure AD and B2C. So, without further ado, here are this week's interesting blogs/articles and videos:

Coding JetBrains Rider and IntelliJ with Maarten Balliauw

Martin is an awesome developer, a fantastic speaker and an even better live coder. That's why we invited him to our show today to talk about the work that he's been doing with JetBrains Rider - the cross-platform .NET IDE - with regards to Azure AD and Azure. Today's stream was packed with so much goodness. Maarten showed tip after tip and gave us a comprehensive tour around the IDE, we got a look at the latest Azure AD integration and then we spent the rest of the stream building a new feature into the IDE. You read this right! Maarten built a new feature into Rider live on stream with us so we got to experience how 'the sausage is made'. The new feature, for those curious enough, allows developers to add a new RBAC permission to their Azure Storage account straight from the comfort of the IDE! And no matter what technical issues his machine threw at him, he managed to persevere and come out victorious.

If you want to give the new feature a try, checkout out this GitHub commit and take it for as spin. Make sure to send your feedback to Maarten and his team :)

We were extremely honored to have Maarten code live with us today, as with every other guest, and we learned so much. I'm listing some useful links from today's stream below:

Maarten Balliauw

JetBrains Rider

Azure Toolkit for Rider (OSS)


Azure libraries for Java

Come code with us

We love streaming and we usually stream live twice a week on Twitch! But what we love more is to collaborate with developers and tackle real world scenarios. As such, if you're interested to code with us, if have questions/challenges that you want us to help you with or simply a suggestion on what to stream, then we would love for you to reach out. Join us live on the 425Show :

10a - 1p eastern US time Tuesdays
10a - 12n eastern US time Thursdays for Community Hour

Be sure to send your questions to us here, on Twitter (Christos, JP) or email:!

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