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Lets make errors in Go traceable


I wrote a module to make Go traceable

just attaching README here :-)

oops 🙊

oops makes errors in Go traceable.
It provies traceback function to get more information when you return error from the function

The convention says that an error should either be handled (whatever that means) or returned to the caller.
But with more abstraction, it is difficult to find where the error got originated
so Traceable function returns error with more information


package main

import (


func main() {
    err := func1().(*oops.Error)

func func1() error {
    return func2()

func func2() error {
    return func3()

func func3() error {
    return oops.T(errors.New("dummy one")).Info("this is just testing")

Run the program

$ go run test.go
🔴  Error : dummy one
ℹī¸   Info  : this is just testing
         at main.func3 line 23 Desktop/Files/test.go
         at main.func2 line 19 Desktop/Files/test.go
         at main.func1 line 15 Desktop/Files/test.go
         at main.main line 10 Desktop/Files/test.go

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