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Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar

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Golang server load

I want to calculate number of requests per second (server load) of my application in golang

can you suggest any tool ?


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rhymes • Edited on

Hi Santhosh!

I'm going to assume your app is a web server, otherwise let me know and we'll figure out something else.

If it's a web server, the language it's written in (or measured from) doesn't really matter. You're just in need of a "load tester".

There are many (from opensource tools to full out distributed load tester you buy as software as a service). I'm going to make another assumption and lean towards something you might want to install on your local machine or a cloud server yourself.

My favorite is wrk but there are many. Solid alternatives are apache bench. vegeta is a good candidate if you need to test HTTP/2.

Keep in mind that load testing on localhost it's obviously going to give you a false sense of speed. I'd suggest doing it from localhost to a staging server (configured as much as production as possible) or between a cloud machine and the target server.

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Santhosh Kumar

Hey, thanks for taking your time to help me out
I will try wrk, because it suits my use case.
I am creating IOT platform,so it needs to be fast
as possible

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deleteme deleteme

Vegeta is really nice, take a look!

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