How to learn object oriented programming

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I am studying at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, and I have a subject OOP (object oriented programming) in Java.

That is the only subject that i did not manage to pass continuously. We have presentations and lectures, but they are (in my opinion) not so good.

My question is: How did you learn object oriented programming, what book/online course/YouTube channel did you use to learn the paradigm?

Thank you!

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I learned OOP by typing example code from books. If you just started learning Java, I recommend Head First Java.
After you grasp the basic, try Head First Design Patterns. That was an eye-opener for me!


It took me a long time to develop that kind of thinking. I was introduced to Java first and it absolutely made no sense for a really long time. Thinking everything as real world objects and visualizing them really helped me understand programming better. Solving problems is another good way to get into it. You can check Leetcode or Project Euler or any other site that has programming problems to get started. I came to form an opinion that programming is a skill and it takes time to acquire it and even more time to get better at it

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