HELLOWORLD.BAT - VanillaJS plain text editor

Stephanie Eckles on March 29, 2020

Inspired by this week's Codepen challenge to create something related to "HELLO WORLD" using Javascript, I decided to mimic an old-school DOS termi... [Read Full]
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this is like turbo c++ when I was in uni. gives me creeps.


Loved turbo pascal back in the day. Its the language I learned to program in. It's crazy how you could add little chunks of assembly right in the code.


Looks ancient (before my time), but really nice Steph.


Lol, before my "programming" time, but in my lifetime 😉


Wow, this brings back memories of my school days when we used to code in Turbo C++. Great job recreating it!


someone please make vim keybindings😂


Man I am glad I wasn't born during that time. I would have been discouraged from becoming a programmer 😏 , but you really painted a good picture of where it all started. Thanks


Haha, glad you enjoyed it!


I just inspired. I'm going to create one.. It's awesome.

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