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What was my dream , yesterday ? as a - DEV -

Since i've joined a remote team of passionate developers, To work on a very exciting advanced Laravel system. My brain started to build a new type of dreams that am not used to. like the one i saw yesterday.

Yesterday's Dream:

i slept in a latehour as usual because am a night owl developer. After being a sleep for a while i remember seen a blank bright white screen and suddenly i felt my well and myself started to type a static class called Dream like so:

class Dream {

  public static function getRandom($rnd){
        return Dreams::all()->find($rnd);

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Then i returned back to a new blank white screen , and with a beautiful thin black font i coded

use Dream;
$currentDream = Dream::getRandom(4);
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Dream Execution

and it was fascinating , like a whole new movie has just started and i was into it literally. after a while i felt like i needed to change the dream so i CMD+Tab and get back to the blank white again. i called the static function changing the random number argument.

Suddenly i start seeing a new dream of my ex , my old town and a lot of old friends.

I woke up

I was very amazed with how our brains as a developers function?, And i literally loved my yesterday scenario and the way my brain amazingly did it. So i decided when i wake up i will share it here.

thanks for your time

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