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A Question Diary Shortcut

Earlier this week, I wrote a post on my theme of the year. I wanted to put more structure in my life, in the form of systems that would help me improve in areas where I'm too scatterbrained, impulsive, or otherwise acting in ways that aren't making me happy or healthy in the long term.

The fundamental system I want to set up is a feedback loop with myself. Every day, I want to ask myself the same questions and see how my answers evolve. I tried to find an app to do it, but I couldn't find one that worked for me.

The Shortcut

I created an IOS shortcut. It looks in my dropbox for the file /diary/questions.txt, and expects there to be a question on every line. It asks me each question in turn, and lets me dictate an answer. The responses are saved back to the diary folder in dropbox, named by the current date.

You can download the shortcut here.

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