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Is there a mooc similar to the programme you mention that's free (or at least low-cost)?


Try nand2tetris.org/ (also on Coursera, two parts). Amazing experience, starting from logic circuits, through building a CPU, assembler, VM, upto a real compiler!!! Also, very challenging, but don't be afraid.. xD


Here you can find many of the Georgia Tech classes on Udacity for free - udacity.com/courses/georgia-tech-m...
(As an FYI - Doing the OMSCS Program runs about 10k and takes minimum 2 years)

I don't have much familiarity with other MOOC's, but I know of Edx and Coursera which should have similar content for free. Seems like the model is anything that ends up giving you a certificate or more costs some amount of money.


Yep, but many of the courses on there seem to be very job oriented, teaching the skills that companies are looking for directly, like mobile development, web development or data science.

True, there are still plenty that are either theoretical and/or fundamental courses across areas like: security (network or otherwise), algorithms, software engineering, etc. I can say having recently looked between Udacity, Edx, and Coursera there are many classes that wouldn't fall under explicit "job training" classes.

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