How are posts and comments sorted?

Frederik 👨‍💻➡️🌐 Creemers on October 06, 2017

How does order posts on the home page, and comments underneath posts? They don't always seem chronological, although comments don't have a timestamp, so I'm not sure.

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We should make this more clear and include timestamps and ways to re-sort. It's silly we've put this off. But basically posts on the home page are sorted vaguely by a score relating to reactions, the quality of discussion and other quality indicators, weighed against time. Similar to how Reddit and Hacker News and Facebook, etc. might work.

Comments are sort of similar, but mostly about voting regardless of submission time.


I'll also add that there are probably different ideal comment thread configurations for different types of threads as we find more and more use cases. Definitely an open question. There are times where straight chronological, no thread depth is ideal. We're definitely thinking about this but feedback is welcome.

What we really want, though, is to have things basically be intuitive, so we don't need a million configurations. Sensible defaults are good.


On top of this can there be a page to see the top posts of all time?

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