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re: "If you get your education through a bootcamp, you are also going to be learning the most recent, most popular languages and frameworks." Web stuf...

"Web stuff. That's all bootcamp teaches you, the bare minimum to do basic web development."

According to what? Who? You? 🙄

"Bootcamp barely scratches the surface of CS, and it usually uses crutches to make the web apps anyway (React, Bootstrap, frameworks, etc)."

Define computer science. 🤔

"Bootcamp grads are typically given the shit work that nobody else wants to do, like CSS, HTML, JavaScript stuff."

Maybe because the "CS guys" either:

A. Over-engineer what's supposed to be a basic webpage or app
B. Have no clue on as to what they're doing (A reason why a company hires a web dev in the first place? 🙃)

"If web devs like that stuff that's great, but if they don't they should seriously consider getting a degree or rigorous self-learning"

If someone doesn't like a Bootcamp they should go to college? I'm sorry, what? 😕

I'm going to stop quoting the post here.

Reading your post sounds like what's indicative of the more toxic parts of our community. Hasty generalizations and gate-keeping.

It's scary to know people like this are tasked with projects of any scale. Making broad assumptions is generally what can make project development a living hell for all parties involved.

It's not the degree or educational background that makes a developer great. I shouldn't have to say that to another dev, but here we are.

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