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I went to a 6-month full-time bootcamp here in Nashville that's run by a non-profit. I almost did a 12 week program and I'm so glad that I did the six-month program. There's no way I could have learned much in 12 weeks! 6 months is still not enough, but of the graduates from my program they are all doing pretty well in their first jobs as Junior Developers. The school in Nashville is also very focused in providing Developers for the local community rather than making a ton of money and having students move outside of the community. This community-driven approach has really bolstered the legitimacy of the graduates so that companies here in Nashville are familiar with the program and the general level of ability of the graduates


That's great to hear, congratulations on getting through six months! Are you and the other students from your cohort now working in tech?


Yes! We are all working in tech :) Most are working with C# .NET, a handful are doing full-stack, and a few are doing front end. I stayed at the school to do a one year contract as a jr instructor (it's amazing how much you learn when teaching other beginners), but then I intend to find a position as a dev :)

That’s fantastic, what a great success story. I’m glad you enjoy the teaching side. I find it’s the best way to really cement in concepts. Do you have job search support and a mentor there too?

Yes, it's great! We do have job search and career support. They help with resumes, interviewing skills, etc. They also help get students connected to the community. But at the end of the day, it's up to the students to own their job hunt and networking. We don't really have mentors, instead there are three instructors during the course, all of whom are at different levels. So for example, I'm at the lowest level of development knowledge, which means that sometimes I'm able to explain things in a way that a more experienced dev couldn't because of the "whole curse of knowledge" ;)

Sounds like the ideal scenario. Is the tech industry thriving in TN?

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