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Leveling Up Weekly: Ruby on Rails newsletter for junior to mid-level developers

I am happy to announce the inception of my first newsletter - ”Leveling Up Weekly: Ruby on Rails”! I started this newsletter to fill a void I noticed as I was beginning my career as a software developer  -  a lack of adequate and understandable resources for early-stage developers. In my earlier years, I was constantly looking to level up my skills and sought out newsletters, people to follow on Twitter, blogs, etc. but often had to stop midway through an article when I could not keep up with the technical jargon or overly difficult code examples.

I am hoping to foster a niche community in which the subscribers can count on receiving weekly newsletter full of hand-selected articles, tutorials, Tweets, tips, tricks, job openings (coming soon), books and more.

I welcome all feedback ( and plan on constantly iterating on the format and selection of content to make it the most helpful newsletter for emerging Ruby on Rails developers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Curious? Sign up here before tomorrow's article 👉

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