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Raja SK

Hello everyone 👋. I am a frontend developer working with ember and react. I've just started my blogging and and the experience with DEV was awesome 😍. After so much support from DEV community, I've planned to write every week and share my experience.

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all the best Raja... I am on the journey to becoming a frontend then a full stack developer... I have also started blogging... Nice to meet you.

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

Heyo! 👋

Awesome to have ya here on DEV.

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Sergey V. • Edited on

Hello! I'm Sergey, CTO at Smartym Pro IT company. I have over 11 years of experience in Java enterprise and mobile app development. Here I write articles in my blog, covering topics such as tech trends, smart contracts, programming tips, and innovative software solutions for business.

I will be glad if you check it out and highly appreciate if you say what topics you enjoy and what topics you’d like to see. Good luck with your blog, it is a great start!)

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Just discovered this community from my brother, and your post is very encouraging. I hope to make a habit out of blogging my newbie coding journey here as well! Cheers.

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Raja SK • Edited on

Hi👋... I'm glad you find my post encouraging. All the best for your blogging and I'm looking forward to see more blogs from you!