Discussion on: Considering changing to sans-serif for post body

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I personally find the serif font to be decent-to-good on hi-definition screens (retina or 4k), but much less readable on "normal" screens (720 or 1080).

Especially because the font is too big, so I have to scale down the whole website to 90% (on 22-24") to make it readable.

If I may add a suggestion: on a 7-8" tablet the website scales the font to a huge size, maybe because it thinks it's a phone, and I can't scale it. It makes it unreadable, unless you hold your tablet at an arm's lenght.

Would it be possible to disable this feature and just stick to a fixed size (15-16px, maybe)?


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Ben Halpern Author

Yeah, it would be a possibility. In the meantime, thanks for the input to make us aware of this so we can look into immediate fixes that should at least remedy the poorly-handled screen size defaults.