Jordan promises – async/await vs .then

Jordan Hansen on August 12, 2019

As I’ve stated in a lot of other posts, I’m a big fan of async/await. I think it’s a pretty clean way to manage code your synchronous and asynchron... [Read Full]
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Async/await is obviously better (in most cases) then .then() style promise handling, but your first example of "Yucky then usage" seems unnecessarily bad. Unless I am missing something, there is no apparent reason for the code to be implemented that way (other than inexperience).

You could argue that one of the benefits of async/await is that it's harder for an inexperienced programmer to use the syntax improperly, but you haven't made that argument.

That same example can be implemented much more cleanly/realistically (while still using .then())

function getThePizza() {
  let someData;

  return functionGettingFromMongo('someArguments')
    .then(data => {
      someData = data;
      return doSomeWorkWithAPromise();
    .then(data => insertToMongoNow(someData + data))
    .then(response => { console.log('success!', response) })
    .catch(e => { console.error('some error happened', e) })

While .then() isn’t a callback function, codewise it reads the exact same.

False. It only reads that way because of a poor implementation.


Your example of 'bad' promises would look nicer with a Promise.all (imho), and would incidentally run the two asynchronous calls concurrently.


Async your post is good await the punchline then laugh. Sorry couldn't resist!

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