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Aaron K Saunders
Aaron K Saunders

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Happy Holidays & Thank You

Wanted to say thanks to all of the people who have read my content here and also found there way over to my @YouTube channel for following, liking and reading my content.

I use to blog and post code frequently, even wrote a book!!

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But eventually got caught up in work/life and just stopped doing it for almost a year. One day this past June, in the middle of a fair bit of stress I decided to start again to learn something new to balance out the day to day and share it with others.

So far 15 post, 1780 followers and 37K views

Sharing, teaching helping others is part of what I do in my day job but doing it on my own terms makes it so much less stressful and so much more satisfying.

So thanks for your responses because it confirmed that is was something I should have never stopped doing.

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