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A Programmer's Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 2020 has been a tough year and a lot of us have experienced things we thought would never happen. Travel bans, holidays alone, staying in your home for weeks on end, a weird test that swabs what feels like your brain...a lot! But it's Thanksgiving now, and from one (aspiring developer) to many others, I wanted to share a few things I'm thankful for here:

  1. Codenewbie Podcast/Community: If you are new to coding, you have GOT to check out this podcast and follow them on Twitter. Each Wednesday there is a Twitter chat where you can interact with others in the community. And their podcast covers a slew of topics that are great for every programmer. Codenewbie has given me confidence, helped me meet other developers, and has helped me gain knowledge of the industry this year.

  2. DEV Blog: I swear I'm not trying to suck-up on this site, but I'm thankful for DEV. I've been able to read blogs from others to gain insight into coding, and I've started listening to the weekly DEVNews podcast. DEVNews provides current events and developer topics each week, which is part of industry knowledge in my opinion. It gets me excited to code each week when I listen to the new episode.

  3. Github: Thanks to a Codenewbie friend, I got hooked up on Github in January of this year and started using it to host/save various projects.

  4. freeCodeCamp: Not only has fCC helped me learn basic JavaScript this year, I also got to attend their free Lockdown Conference in April which was awesome! Due to life changes, paying for any services was a challenge this year and freeCodeCamp was really awesome in helping me learn.

2020 was the first full year I was coding, and even though I wasn't giving a lot of time to it, I was able to learn basic JavaScript and Ruby, both of which were really fun. Very thankful for those who share their knowledge on Twitter, the internet, this blog, and on YouTube, and I hope to be able to give back in that same way in 2021.

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