re: Creating Event-Based Workflows With Azure Durable Functions VIEW POST

re: Hey Aaron, thanks for the tutorial! I would be curious to know your opinion about my F# wrapper around Durable Functions:

Interesting approach, I'll have a play and see about implementing the post demo using the package.

So far I haven't found Durable Functions too bad with F# (lack of tooling aside) so I haven't really tried to do anything particularly "F#-y" with it.

Biggest thing I miss going from C# to F# for them is the lack of nameof support to strongly type the calls, but I see you're doing that with Typed Activities, but the Activity.define then feels a bit like double-handling to me.


nameof isn't quite strong typing: you avoid the name typos, but still can pass anything as input and expect anything as output.

You are right about the double-handling: ideally, the tooling would make the actual Function definitions with calls to run automatically. For now, this would mean code gen, because attributes are required. Part of why I created this issue.

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