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HTTP(S) Forward Proxy (🤔 Types)

I am Keeping this Post as Simple as Possible.

Feel Free to Comment and Point Out Problems, Suggestions and Your Point of View.

So There are 3 Types we can Say
1) HTTP Proxy

(Does Not Support CONNECT Method, In Simple words it cannot connect to HTTPS Sites)


2) Connect Proxy

(Supports CONNECT Method, Meaning they can Let user to connect to HTTPS Sites BUT cannot see anything as the data is Encrypted).


Tiny Proxy Have a Lot More Capability Then Just a CONNECT Proxy, it can be used as a FORWARD PROXY, REVERSE PROXY, TRANSPARENT PROXY

Mozilla Docs for Proxy & Tunneling

3) HTTPS Proxy

MitmProxy is the Perfect Example Here.
BurpSuite The All Time Favourite.

  • A Proxy that can Intercept & Inspect HTTPS Sites.
  • It can See all the HTTPS Data as Plain HTTP Request, Response
  • It is Also Called as
  • SSL/TLS Termination Proxy
  • HTTPS Inspection Proxy (Not Exactly, But HTTPS Inspection is a Term)
  • SSL Proxy and many more...

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