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List of Open-Source Software for Business, you and me

ab0nilla profile image Alejandro Bonilla ・1 min read

Hello, I always like to start a post with a "hello" to all.

Today I write a little list of open-source software for Business, for you and everyone.

For the Business

Server OS: CentOS/RHEL 7 or Ubuntu; or pay for RedHat or Opensuse Enterprise and go to sleep?

Email Server:Postfix+Dovecot

Webmail Server:RoundCube or Squirrelmail (webmail for nuts! xD)

AntiSpam: Spamassassin

Web Server: LAMP (or LEMP, or you know xD)

Email client: Thunderbid

CardDav server: Radicale

Data safety backup: Seafile

Office Suite: LibreOffice, Open365 in your Server... or Google Docs (free but not opensource; thx Antony Garand )
end edit
For the social networks guys: Gimp

And for big enterprises company's:Containers+Orchestration.

Unfortunately many of the users of my company need Microsoft Excel, macros and functions that are not compatible with the other programs, but step by step, will change

and if you do not agree with this, and you need sleep: AWS, Google, Microsoft and etc solutions :) .

For me:
Ubuntu and Linux Mint <3
Visual Code Studio
Telegram ?
All the open-source framework's and libraries to make the unbelievable software.

comment your open-source software's, maybe you can help someone solve a problem.
We are a community.

PD: My english is bad :P

Discussion (5)

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antogarand profile image
Antony Garand

Google docs is not open source FYI

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Alejandro Bonilla Author • Edited

sure, is not open source.

Writing Bug. (brain-explode)

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Sergiu Mureşan

Paint.NET (free but not open-source afaik) as a replacement for Photoshop works quite well and has a huge amount of plugins.

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Alejandro Bonilla Author • Edited

hashtag freebunotopensource tag it's coming xD.

I use PAINT.NET a little time, its nice for simple and fast edit.

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