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Abiola Joshua Olagunju
Abiola Joshua Olagunju

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My path to becoming a software developer

I have applied for several jobs with no response from any and still got no replies for the interviews I attended. I was really confused in the early weeks of 2019 before I came across the Code Plateau application through Facebook for Software Development and Digital Skill training. I applied reluctantly thinking it is going to be allocated to only indigenes since it is organized by Plateau State Government.
To my surprise after some months, I received a message inviting me to an interview. I attended the interview and was selected to participate in the training. Boom! We started like play, I chose FRONT-END Web developer.
When we started, I thought there was going to be a monthly stipend of at least 25,000 Naira per person for transportation and data, and a laptop for each person. All my assumption was wrong because none of this happened except in Local Governments like Kanke where laptops were given to their own indigenes. Also, we were told that we would meet with the Governor for the inauguration of the program but this did not happen. At some point, I got discouraged and I almost give up. I had thought that I was going to resign from my teaching job once we started the training so that I could focus since my teaching job was not paying as much as I expected, but after we started and had spent two months in the training, I couldn’t resign because there was no hope of getting any monthly stipends from Code Plateau and I have a family to cater for. I am a married man with one kid, so resigning from my teaching job will not be a good option. My school proprietor did cooperate at all (I work in a private secondary school). He only gave the option of me resigning or I’d have to stop the Code Plateau training.

I thought of the whole thing for about two days and came up with the idea of self-learning. Since I had known the basics which is very important, I then came up with a plan of attending classes twice a week (that means I would dodge school without anyone knowing to avoid my appointment being terminated).
Code Plateau training looks promising because there are a lot of opportunities out there which I can see but the challenge of transportation, data, and a good laptop is not to be left out because all these are needed to make one focus.
Some people that started with us gave up after two months and some got an appointment for work. But to be honest, I have never regretted my decision to continue even with all the challenges at hands, and to the glory of God, I can boldly say I am now on my right path and a path of greatness because I can see a brighter and great future before me now.
Highlight of my present skills through the Code Plateau Initiative program are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Uikits, Bootstrap, React.

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