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3 Steps to Get RTOS Running on Dev Board.

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This article introduces how to get RTOS running on a dev board. Here we take the example of running RT-Thread RTOS on the stm32f103RB.


Install RT-Thread Studio
RT-Thread Studio is a one-stop development tool that has an easy-to-use graphical configuration system and 270+ software packages and components resources, simplify the complexity of software development.

Create Project

Open RT-Thread Studio, click[File]-[New]-[RT-Thread Project]:

Alt Text

Configure this new project:
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The configuration process can be summarized as the following steps:

  • Define your own project name and storage path of project generated files.

  • Select Create project based on MCU, here RT-Thread v4.0.2 is selected.

  • Select the manufacturer and chip model.

  • Configure serial port information.

  • Configure debugger information.

After the project configuration is completed, click the Finish button below to create the RT-Thread Standard version project.


Left-click to select the current project, and click the button Build.Alt Text to compile the project, quick_start is the project name. Or right click -> build project to compile the project.

The project compilation result is shown as follows:

Alt Text


After the project is successfully compiled, you can download the program to your own board.

The program can be downloaded via the Download Program buttonAlt Text in the menu bar. You can also download it through Right-click -> Download Program. The download method defaults when creating a new project. If you need to change it, click the inverted triangle next to the Download Program button in the menu bar to debug. Currently, RT-Thread Studio supports ST-Link, J-Link, and DAP-Link download methods. An example of selecting a debugger is as follows

Alt Text

After selecting the emulator, click the download button to download

The program download result is shown as follows:
Alt Text


After the program is successfully downloaded, press the reset button of the development board, and use the Open a Terminal option in the Studio menu bar to open a serial terminal, as shown below;
Alt Text

The information printed in the terminal will be like this:

Alt Text

From the information printed on the terminal, you can see that RT-Thread is successfully running on the board.

RT-Thread Contact Info:

Website | Github | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

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