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A Handy and Free-to-use IDE.

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RT-Thread open-source Internet of Things(IoT) operating system has launched its one-stop development tool: RT-Thread Studio.

RT-Thread studio is a one-stop development tool, it has an easy-to-use graphical configuration system and a wealth of software packages and components resources.RT-Thread Studio has the features of project creation and management, code editing, SDK management, RT-Thread configuration, build configuration, debugging configuration, program download, and debug. Also, it combined the graphical configuration system with packages and component resources, reducing the duplication of work, and improving the development efficiency.

RT-Thread Studio Main Features:

The community version is free forever.

Language Supports
Supports mainstream C/C++ language development

Simple Project Creation Wizards
Using two wizard modes to quickly start creating a project without having to port RT-Thread.

  • Based on the development board to create a project, can quickly validate prototypes of functionality;
  • Based on the chip to create a project, it can automatically generate drive code, supports the STM32 full-series microcontroller.

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Easy-to-use Graphical Configuration Interface & Code Generation

RT-Thread has rich reusable components, those components can be arranged from top to bottom, and present them in a pattern layered in the architecture diagram. All commonly used components have corresponding icons that can be easily operated with the click of a mouse. When saving the Configuration Settings,it will automatically generate all the code for you.

For example:

  • One-click to switch component module.

  • Right-click to view the dependencies of components, API documentation, and view the online tutorial videos.

  • Double-click to open the detailed configuration of the component graphical configuration, which greatly reduces the threshold of using RT-Thread, even if you’re new about RT-Thread, you can easily get started.

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Easy to Download Program and Debug

To be closer to developers’ usage habits in using MDK/IAR, RT-Thread adds the functionality of one-click download and debugging, as well as supports ST-Link/J-Link emulators. Also, RT-Thread Studio integrates a variety of terminal tools, making it easier for you to view the logs, and what’s more, you can directly use the finsh command line on the IDE now.

Software Package Market Offers a Variety of Package Resources
RT-Thread has offered a wide range of software packages, and we’ve innovatively used web interaction method to quickly sort the exact packages you want, by following these steps:

Search Package-View Document-Download Code

This is simplifying the software package usage process, giving you a development experience as if building blocks.

Powerful Code Editing and Refactoring Functionality
RT-Thread supports powerful code editing functions, such as, automatic code assistant, code template, code formatting, code refactoring and so on, which improves coding efficiency and makes code more disciplined and standardized.

Rich Debugging Facilities to Quickly View and Track Code Issues
Supports a variety of emulators, and integrated multiple types of terminal tools to view chip core registers, peripheral registers, variables, expressions, assembly code, memory data, etc. It also supports the assembly step and breakpoint management to quickly view and locate code problems.

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SDK Manager Supports Online Downloading and Updating the Latest Source Package of RT-Thread
The SDK Manager enables fast online download of RT-Thread stable version code packs while updating the latest version of RT-Thread code simultaneously.

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Download RT-Thread Studio

RT-Thread Contact Info:

Website | Github | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

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