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RT-Thread Open-Source IoT OS Community Report in October!

Hi RT-Thread Community. OpenSource Micro-Kernel Operating System RT-Thread Smart is officially releasing and the code is now opening on RT-Thread Github.
Code Download Address:

Come on, let's review the big moments in October.

1. Code Contribution:

The statistics are fetched from merged PR on the Github master code branch.

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in September. They are:

mysterywolf、Dozingfiretruck、DavidLin1577、 z14git、 SimpleInit、supperthomas、GFWisshit、chenyingchun0312 and Nuvoton!

Thanks to all contributors who share their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!

Code updating:

  • [bsp] [stm32] [bluepill] update readme #3995
  • [libcpu] [risc-v] Fixed bsp k210 failing to compile #3994
  • [bsp/nrf52x] support putting characters to ble host and getting chara… #3992
  • Add raspi4 watchdog&hdmi&sdio driver #3988
  • Fix ADC exception #3979
  • [stm32] scons --target=iar/mdk #3991
  • [update] openamp driver and add rs485 driver #3990
  • [revert] [lwip] cc.h IAR structure#3981
  • [bsp] [stm32][bluepill] support RTC #3984 from mysterywolf
  • Add support for architecture sparc-v8 and soc bm3803. #3965
  • [bsp] [stm32] [bluepill] update #3982
  • Solved USB device class issue. #3643
  • [bug fixed] add mb mq value overflow-check code#3975
  • [Kernel] fix the delay_until issue #3977
  • [bug fixed] add mutex values' overflow-check code #3972
  • add stm32f103-blue-pill BSP #3966
  • [bsp / nrf5x]: add the readme #3970
  • Add sensor vendor MAXIM; Fix temp ptint error #3971
  • Update net_test.c #3959
  • Update listdir.c #3969
  • Update writespeed.c #3968
  • [shell] Ensure that the last char of char line[] is '\0' #3960
  • Update udpclient.c #3962
  • add STM32WB BSP #3963
  • [update] Dynamic change console #3957
  • fix some English grammar errors #3954
  • [add] stm32h7 adc and dac driver. #3948
  • [fix bug] add semaphore values' overflow-check code in the function of rt_sem_release #3952
  • [kernel] fix the software issue when the system timer thread pending. Fix the timer/software timer handling issue if the timeout function starts/stops/deletes this timer.
  • [msh] rm command supports recursive deletion of folders #3949
  • [fixed] In Keil, the macro of compilers\armlibc\sys\unistd.h and libc_fcntl.h … #3942
  • [fix bug] #3902 #3944
  • Change header file of posix_getline.h termios.h from <> to "" to prevent path differences#3945
  • Fix an issue of yield operations do not release cpu in a timely manner #3769

2. Software Packages Updating (RT-Thread has a total of 266 packages now)

  • add misc/tetris Russian block games played with FinSH
  • update multi_rtimer released ver and lora-radio released ver
  • add lorawan_ed_stack
  • WK2124 Update crystal configuration method
  • fix the Kconfig file issue, such as dos eol, choise etc
  • Add version choice to Sqlite in Kconfig
  • add Helix MP3 Decoder
  • [add] a package of digital temperature sensor max31865
  • add ft6236 packages
  • lora-radio-driver v1.2 add support ART-Pi,new tested sx1262 module
  • Found that the package repository if starts with a number, gitee cannot back up the mirror source, so the warehouse name of the package was changed
  • add DM9051 driver software package
  • [peripherals] [nrf5x_sdk]Kconfig add dis and bas
  • LWGPS Support example and update package info
  • add bme680 sensor driver package
  • change ble_app_blink kconfig of nrf5x_sdk
  • uCOS-III compatibility layer add PKG_USING_UCOSIII_WRAPPER_TINY option
  • [gp2y10] release v1.0.0
  • [sgp30] release v1.0.0
  • [dhtxx] release v0.9.0 by luhuadong
  • qboot release v1.05
  • add bc28_mqtt the reverse dependency of the package on AT components
  • perfect u8g2、rosserial, If you select the C-version of the package defaults to C++ dependency
  • add Tensorflow Lite Micro software package

Thanks to QingChuanWS、wuhanstudio 、luhuadong、qiyongzhong0、mysterywolf 、guohp1128 、orange2348 、 ylz0923 、 Forest-Rain、liuduanfei、SimpleInit 、 ErikChanGit、volatile-static for contributing software packages!

3. Development tools:

RT-Thread Studio updates:

  • Support ART-PI board (upgrade RT-Thread Studio to V1.1.5, then download art-PI board resource package V1.0.0 on sdk).
  • Add STLINK Debugger v1.4.0 resource package.
  • Add version switching function for STLINK.
  • Support SDK resource package shows the update time.
  • Add GD32VF103-NUCLEI-RVSTAR Development Board v0.1.1 Version Resource Pack.
  • Perfect the RISCV project construction information display and debug peripheral register display problems.
  • Support to click the board image to get a bigger and clear picture.
  • Support the board information page displays the purchase link.
  • Fix the problem that the link command length exceeds the windows length limits when the project is built.
  • Support to build project when the link script is modified.
  • Fix the problem of the complete installation packages are oversize.
  • Solve the pyocd burning problem (switch to burn the bin file).

RT-Thread Contact Info:

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