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RT-Thread OpenSource Developer Contest is On!

“Great things in open-source are never done by one person. They’re done by a group of people.” OpenSource RT-Thread IoT OS teams up with Programming For Beginners to hold a developer event, we are looking for developers who have ambitions, and excitement for open-source project. Share Your Creative Ideas with RT-Thread Open-Source Internet of Things IoT Operating System!

The Efforts You Make Will Have Great Effects!

Join the developer event

  • Write down the projects you want to achieve with RT-Thread and the Dev Board you need by filling in this Application Form. Opening on Nov.1 to Nov.8.

  • Nov.9-Nov.11, we will choose the six most fitting projects submitted (if there are a large number of applicants, we’ll open more seats), and RT-Thread will buy them the dev board required to do the projects. Yes, we’ll buy you the board you need for your project, and you can keep it! …

  • From Nov.12, we'll send out the dev board, when you received the board, you can start creating the project. By the time, we'll ask you to join the RT-Thread international community, the RT-Thread software engineer team will support this event by giving the technical consultant and guidance.

  • Applicants need to submit the project before Dec.15. The code and documentation related to your projects should be public and open source(on GitHub).

  • RT-Thread Reviewing: Dec 16 to Dec.20 2020.

  • Winners Awards: Dec 21, 2020.

Prizes: ( All the participants can join RT-Thread First International Developer Community ):

Grand Prize(1): RT-Thread Art-Pi Dev Board World Debut+ RT-Thread & ProgrammingForBeginners Customized Backpack.

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First Prize(2): RT-Thread & ProgrammingForBeginners Customized Backpack.

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Second Prize(3): RT-Thread & ProgrammingForBeginners Customized Hoodie.

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For more information about this event, please talk to RT-Thread officials on Facebook and Twitter.

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