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Abdallah Mahmoud
Abdallah Mahmoud

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I hope you doing well. Today I’ll talk about Google reCAPTCHA v2 which provided by Google API. I am using Springboot for my coding backend and Thymeleaf as my View Resolver.

Let me start.


  1. Go to google and google recaptcha admin console
  2. Login with your Gmail account
  3. Create captcha v2 by giving name, type, owner and domain.
  4. Then you will get two keys :
  • Client side key secret
  • Server side key secret


  1. Go to
  2. Open your favorite IDE , I am using Intellij Idea 2021.1.2 [Community Edition]
  3. Choose your project name,groupId and artifact.
  4. Use java 8 and higher as your version
  5. Select following dependencies
  • Spring Web
  • Spring Data Jpa
  • Thymeleaf
  • H2 Database for persistence
  • Lombok for POJO classes.

I create my project structure, I always tell my friend to structure there projects, don’t miss up everything one package.
Project Structure

  1. CUSTOMER as my model class : Customer, CaptchaResponse
  2. Repository :CustomerRepository
  3. Services :ICustomerService, CustomerServiceImpl
  4. Controller :CustomerController
  5. Configuration class for reCAPTCHA :AppConfig

I can’t explain each and every line of code for this simple article but I am sharing my github link where you can clone and analysis in your own way.



Thank you All.

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