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Should I write about a topic that's been already explained many times over the internet ?

Abdullah Di'bas
Senior software developer, experienced in .NET development and passionate about learning new software technologies.
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My answer is YES for most of the times, especially if you are going to present it differently in a way that helps others understand it better.
I believe that you can achieve this if you come with at least one of the following:

  1. If you have experienced a specific situation or a problem you solved that is related to that topic and you want to talk about it in a way that reinforces your explanation or discussion.

  2. If you make or collect demonstration examples about that topic in a way that explains it differently and in a more clear way.

  3. If you prepare drawings, graphs, GIFs, or any kind of presentation that will help in your explanation.

  4. If you have a different explanation or point of view about that topic.

  5. If you are going to make your writing on a specific internet platform or community that is accessible to a larger number of people. For instance, one of the things that I like about community is that a post can pop up in your feed talking about a specific subject or highlighting on a specific idea or technique that may help you while you never knew it existed to even be able to find the words to search about on the internet (the idea here is with the posts feed).

Finally, it's preferable that your writings will add value to others' or present something different, but, in my opinion, you can always write about any topic you want as long as your information is correct, and I don't find any harm with writing about something that's been already explained many times even if you are going to just write a few lines. If that didn't help anyone directly it might help you practice becoming a good writer in the future and you may then be able to help many others.

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