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The Road to Learning Ruby on Rails: Part 1 (Ruby)

Anthony Beckford🚀
I'm a self taught developer at 30. I tweet about my journey learning Software Development and will be providing the resources I've used along the way to hopefully help others.
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I'm back with another article this time on learning Ruby and RoR (Really?!?! Anthony isn't Ruby like a dead language?).

Well not quite. Ruby is still around today in some companies but the reason why I decided to learn it is because I do think this is one of the best first languages to learn as a beginner. For those who are on the self taught route into Software Engineering I highly recommend learning Ruby first. For me I have worked in JavaScript and Python and I really enjoy working with those languages as well.

Ruby is literally like pure english which I really like so far. It's an extremely accessible, dynamically typed, and expressive language. I'm currently using Code academy to learn Ruby but I have found an awesome resource on Freecodecamp on learning Ruby.

I hope this helps newbies get started on learning to programming. Follow me on my journey to getting proficient in Ruby on Rails.

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