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Introducing create-react-saga app npm cli

In this article I want to introduce our new node cli for

In this article I want to introduce our new node cli for creating react saga app with routs, that is called create-react-saga-app.

Iā€™m a chief architect at TidePoolLabs Europe, and throughout my career, I have created many react app with redux state management and redux saga from scratch. To automate all this process, we have decided to create an npm cli. Now that we have created this cli, generating react projects from scratch becomes easier and faster.

react-saga new yourappname

For now, the cli has only a beta version and is not available in the npm package manager, but we are planning to publish it there very soon. But the good news is that it is now available on GitHub with public access.

The package uses popular packages like create-react-app to generate the app. Now we have only one command to generate, but we are planning to create many commands to improve and speed up the development process. For instance, we are planning to have commands to create components, actions, route, and so on so forth.

Feel free to join the development! We will be delighted if someone can help to improve our open source project and we are free to get any feedback for its development.

Thank you for taking the time to read. We will come back soon with news or publications of our packages.

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