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Recognization Facial Expression and recommending Movies and Songs

Mrinal Walia
If you are reading this blog, I am sure that we share similar interests and will be in similar industries. I have worked on various projects which involve ML/AI/CV and also written blogs.
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First we recognize the emotion of the person using Opencv and Keras by training our model on Data provided from Kaggle, program is trained for 30 epochs and we have got an accuracy of 71%.

After detecting the emotion out of 7 labels, we as user for his favourite artist and then recommend songs from Spotify using its API and movies from IMDB depending upon its mood.

I did this awesome project as an assignment while completing this awesome course by DataCamp: Advanced DeepLearning with Keras in Python.

If you have similar interests and are thinking to start with deeplearning, then this awesome course by DataCamp is a must Recommended from my experience: DeepLearning with Keras in Python

Source Code utilized in this project:abhiwalia15

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