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P2Pbin: A peer to peer paste sharing site with no servers.


You heard that right, no servers.

How does it work? ❓

A user will type (or paste) some text or code into an input box. It will be cached, but not saved. Then, when the user clicks "Copy", the text is "pinned" (basically saving their paste).

It is currently deployed to Vercel and Glitch.

Features 🌟

  • Simple: Only 3 buttons: Copy, Load, and Reset.
  • Intergity: IPFS uses hashes, so one letter change will change the hash entirely.
  • Mobile Ready: Design for mobile, and is also a PWA, so it can be install/act like an app on many devices.
  • Serverless: It was built with JAMstack in mind, so it can easily be deployed to sites like Vercel (a.k.a Zeit) and Netlify.
  • Free & Open Source: It is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0. Also, the full source code can be retrieved from or!/p2pbin.

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javaarchive profile image

A peer-to-peer pastebin can be the foundation of any things
We can make things like Imgur but peer to peer, TikTok but peer to peer, Tenor/and other memes sites in peer to peer mode. Peer to peer is also really good for realtime apps like video/voice chat and things that need to sync together(google docs peer to peer?).

aboutdavid profile image

IPFS give you the foundation to do many Peer to Peer projects. Especially on the web thanks to js-ipfs. There is already a database build on IPFS called orbit-DB and realtime applications can be built on IPFS using PubSub. And yes, there is already a "Google Drive" for IPFS.

shadowtime2000 profile image

Glad to see one project built using the IPFS

jennschiffer profile image
jenn schiffer

Nice work, and I like the attention to making it mobile ready! Just a heads up that you link to when it should be

jonyk56 profile image

Breaking news: Computer nerds revolutionize the web browser by upgrading ipfs in the craziest way possible