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Your first Web Application

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Hi guys! When I started studying Web development, my biggest problem was the lack of ideas for home projects. My level was still too low for production, but theory without practice is dead. I want to share with you a list of the first projects that my Web development teacher once made for me. These projects are suitable even for those who have just started learning how to develop Web applications. There is no cool business logic, there are no complex connections in databases and the idea itself is clear from beginning to end. You just take the topic and already see the end result. Believe me, it helps a lot to get started. You will get a lot of experience in bringing your idea to the finish line, you will feel all the steps of working on a real project. But you will do it as a hobby, for yourself, without worrying about the quality or timing, for the requirements of the customer or employer.

Let's start!

An application for creating text RPGs.

  • The application contains small articles that can be linked using the interface. After receiving the linked text, the application generates a file (book) with page numbers, allowing you to switch between chapters.

An application that allows you to store a lecture plan modularly

  • a certain set of files is attached to each lesson, a many-to-many connection, contains a tag subsystem, a search.

Scrapper of data from the site with saving in the database

  • Make a simple request to the site and get the data from its page. Implement this through a web interface with the ability to substitute different links and change tags

Pomodoro + telegram bot + vk bot

  • No comments =) it's so fun!

News site(blog)

  • There are many tutorials on how to make a blog on Django, for example. Even Django's official documentation contains blog creation training. This is the simplest project.

Search for deals

  • Create a simple web application that notifies when the desired product for you will be put up for sale at a good price. You can use the web scraper to extract the product page and notify you of the price change. The problem is that it will be difficult to find test data

Cost tracking

  • Create a simple interface that you can use to add and break down your expenses by category. Generate a monthly report based on incoming data and write custom notifications like "spending too much on coffee... as always."

Financial Independence Calculator

  • In essence, financial independence is the preservation and investment of income (investment) as much as possible, which allows you not to need work to get money. Although many financially independent people continue to work, they can afford to work on what they like to do, and not what they pay more for. Build a tool to calculate how far you are from financial independence based on your current savings, investments, income, retirement accounts and expenses. Examples: FIREcalc, cFIREsim.

The "breaker" of bill (proposed implementation: mobile application).

  • Build a simple tool to help you and your friends split the bill when you have lunch together.

Application for "micro-learning"

  • Build an application that sends you one page daily on the topic you want to study. It can be a random page from Wikipedia, from React documentation, about the kanji letter, or a page from the CIA World Factbook. It is assumed that it is possible to create a program for micro-education.

Tryst Planner

  • The most difficult thing about dating and long-term relationships is deciding where to go on a date. Build a tool that looks at restaurant reviews, event calendars, and collects other data to come up with ideas. (parsing google places or something like that) The task is much more difficult than it seems at first glance

_Some ideas look better on mobile. But we are learning). I hope someone will be able to find a suitable interesting idea here. I wanted to share not the same type of ideas from the Internet, but really exciting projects that will make you think, invent, send your imagination flying! I wish you success, my friends!

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