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Ahmed Abumostafa
Ahmed Abumostafa

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One night without WIFI. Any explanation?

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Hello peeps.

I'm using my printer once a week since I do not have a big desk. I keep the paper tray closed and every time I need the printer I would move my Mac-mini a little on top of the monitor stand to be able to use the printer then put everything back to normal once I'm done.

Last night I moved my Mac-mini to do the same thing. While I was trying to print from my computer I noticed the wifi is not connected. I thought It's the router then I checked my phone and it was connected to the Wifi and everything is fine. Then I switched to my Macbook because I was in a hurry.

Long story short, Today in the morning I did put my Mac-mini to the flat position on the desk and the Wifi started to work again. I was like WTH. Then I could not believe bending my Mac-mini on the monitor's stand a little bit would prevent the Wifi from working. Then I repeated it and I can confirm the Wifi will not work if the Mac-mini is not in a flat position on my desk.

Any idea what might be the problem?? Or an explanation?

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