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Ahmed Abumostafa
Ahmed Abumostafa

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#discussion Do not we have enough Introductions?

Hello everyone.

Not sure if this topic has been discussed before or not But I feel most of the online tutorials/blogs/posts fall into Introductions to XYZ. Just browse tech blogs anywhere, it's all similar. I feel we always invent the wheel. and I understand blogs are sort of personal branding but come on. Isn't the Internet has enough Introductions and probably it's time to collaborate and improve tech tutorials?

I just wanted to hear different opinions. maybe I'm wrong.

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While I agree, I think this IS unavoidable. Everyone is going to want their own shot or take, and that is part of the charm. Some people are better at explaining a subject, or some appeal to some learners while others not.

I am most bothered when an 'introduction' feels it is necessary to draw out a long segway into the subject. I would rather just jump into it.

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Weekly Typed • Edited

I tend to agree with you, there are a ton of introductory level tutorials out there. And yet, more get made every day.

Collaboration...there's an interesting idea! I wonder what that would look like? Maybe something a little deeper than an interview with an expert, because those can tend toward introductory as well.

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Ahmed Abumostafa

IMO Collaboration can be wider and/or deeper. Like covering more basic features or a series of articles goes beyond Up and Running which will benefit everyone.

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Ah, reinventing the wheel. It's so comforting because you don't have to blaze a new, difficult path. It's already been done, tested, and lessons learned. And I can take credit for being an expert on this topic too. Me too!

Life then gets in the way and I move onto something new. I leave that old blog post up, with outdated instructions that no longer work. Update it, you say? I got no time for that! Take it down? But then I'm no longer an expert!

It's the same in software. Developers take pride in creating new something that has already been done many times before. Isn't that how everyone learns the innerworkings?

It's the same in startups. Does the product really innovate and showcase a completely new way? Nope. So why bother chasing after a competitor?

Too bad we don't inherit and extend more things. Perhaps it's just another representation of our throw-away society.