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Expert level Angular interview questions Part 3


How to make custom schematics?
How to add any third party library?
How to update the angular apps?
What is an angular dev kit ?
Can we run angular app without ng serve?

PWA and Service worker

How to support PWA in angular?
What are the benefits of service worker?
Which file contain service worker configuration?
What is app shell?


Difference between Observable and Promise ?
What is next , error complete?
Difference between of and from ?
How to convert promise to Observable and vice-versa?
How to create observable?
List the operators ?
Explain the combineLatest, concat , zip, takeuntil debounceTime, DistinctUntil change, switchmap buffertime, tap and share?
Can we replace interval with observable if yes then how?
Make an observable from keystrokes ?


How to prevent cross site scripting?
How to trust safe values?
What is CSP Content security policy?
What are all possible vulnerabilities ?
How we can audit an angular app?

Performance and optimization

How to support accessibility ?
How to check version of angular app?
How to update old angula third party libraries?
What is a lightweight injection token?
Step to deploy angular app?
How to configure differential loading?
What is AOT ?
What are the phases included in compilation ?
What is non null type assertion operator?
What is code folding?
What is ivy ?
How to disable type checking on template expression?
How to make various environment build like development , staging , UAT , prod ?
What is SSR (Angular Universal)?
What is Angular language service?

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