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Expert level Angular interview questions Part 4

Mix and Advance

What is annotation?
What is JIT ?
What is module?
What is ngcc?
How handle NPM package dependencies ?
What is platform?
What is polyfill?
What is subscriber ?
What is view engine ?
What is zone?
What is Bazel?
What is web worker? Is SSR support the it?
What is state function?
How Dynamically component can be created?
What is basere tag ? where we need to put it?
Define mapping rules for mapping custom element to DOM?
How to run angular change detection manually ?
In script tag we have async , defer and preload, prefech differentiate them?
How make anything draggable in angular?
How to remove ngAfterViewChangeExpression changes?
What is challenging work you have done in angular?
How to increase the speed of app?
What is ngModule?
If we refresh the page how manage the state of the app?
What is HMR? ( Hot Module Replacement )
Difference between get, post, put and delete?
What is a querylist ?
What is multi slot projection?
What is content projection?
What best to handling errors?
How to analyse the code?(code analyser)
What mean by uglification?
What is High order component?
What is webpack?
When we do ng serve who in background take care browser?
Difference between session storage and local storage?
Which are the main features of angular?
Enlist the steps to upgrade from AngularJS to Angular.
What is app initiator
How to bootstrap other module at start or change main component?

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