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Writing blog posts every day

Quota system for routine tasks

I read Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual by John Sonmez over three times.

It states that it is important to define continuous tasks and do them every day/week as our daily/weekly routine.
Such tasks is called "Quota".

Of course, doing tasks every day is really hard. Sometimes we lack motivation to do these tasks.
For example, assume I define running every morning as Quota.
At first running is really fun, but after few days, I would stay in my bed rather than going out to run.

The interesting point of Quota is that we must follow the rule we defined. We have to take responsibility for ourselves.

Quota system works to do routine tasks from habit.
At first it is really hard to do routine tasks, but following the rule help us to build our habit.
Once our routine become habit, we can continue to do the tasks every day, just like brushing teeth.

My Quota

Currently I publish a blog post every day(here,
This is my daily Quota on April, and I cannot break this rule by any means.

I have over 150 blog posts in Japanese website so translating from Japanese to English (with little refactor) is enough for now.

My motivation for writing blog post is to:

  • organize knowledge in my brain
  • help other people
  • improve my English writing skill
  • widen my career opportunity

If you follow me on, you may receive a notification every day.
I am sorry if you find it annoying...!

Currently I have been able to follow my rule for two weeks.

Pro mind

Amateur do their works when they are motivated, but pro works whenever.
Whenever do the right things, high quality creative.

So Quota system makes us pro.

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