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Your Guide to Best Task Trackers for Developers

If you’re struggling to stay on top of tasks, you’re not the only one. According to a Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees aren’t engaged or completely disengaged from their work. If you’re a developer that’s working at home, it can be even harder to focus when you’re dealing with so many more distractions.

Luckily, there are many tools and techniques at your disposal to help focus on your priorities, and one notable tool is task tracking software. Task tracking may seem like an extra step in your workday, but this kind of software is more helpful than you may realize.

With this in mind, read on to learn about some of the best task tracker software out there for developers!


actiTIME is an easy time and task tracking software that can also help you analyze your performance based on the data it collects.

The best part about actiTIME is that it’s easy to get started in only a few clicks. The software adapts to your workflow. You can easily configure it to hide the features that you don’t need and don’t want to see. It offers an agile Kanban board so that you can see what you need to do on any given day at a glance. You’ll also be able to reorder and reorganize your tasks as your priorities change.

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Quire is a visually simple, collaborative task tracker software for teams that need to break down large projects into easy-to-manage bites.

It helps you manage your thought process for larger projects in descending lists that make sense. Teams can then arrange tasks, steps, and projects into Kanban boards. One of the most helpful additions is the use of graphs and charts so that you can see your team’s progress easily.


Jira is created for agile software teams who struggle with quick and numerous releases.

Not only can teams plan their workflow and springs, but they can also accurately track their progress with real-time visual data. Its integration with Bitbucket also speeds up development workflow by updating issues and transitioning work.


Backlog is a task management software that emphasizes a clear view of everything that’s due in one place.

Entire teams can stay on top of deadlines through deadline reminders with start and stop dates. Large tasks can also be broken down in easier to manage subtasks that are delegated to team members easily. Teams are also notified about issues, pull requests, and more.


This web-based task tracker emphasizes its ease of use for teams.

Its intuitive design doesn’t need lengthy tutorials or support articles in order for teams to start using it to its full capability. This is balanced with its customizable workflows and flexibility when it comes to integrating with other apps.


RationalPlan is a powerful solution for project management that utilizes PMBOK guidelines.

It’s tailored for teams that work in construction, engineering, services, consulting, and business or software development. This means that along with task management that includes milestones and duration-driven activities, users can enjoy cost tracking as well as portfolio management. It also includes detailed reports to deliver to stakeholders.


Things is a well-known task manager that can be used by teams as well as for personal goal tracking.

The all-new design includes an easy-to-navigate menu on the side that shows each individual section according to date or topic. Unlike simple to-do apps, it gives you the ability to add headers as well as see a calendar view of your tasks.


The TaskQue software was created to boost productivity through its intuitive tools.

It can automatically assign tasks to team members based on their current workflow so that no one is ever overburdened. It also includes a discussion module to ease communication. With productivity as its main focus, team members have the ability to create personal to-do lists that are separate from their assigned work tasks. It also includes charts and graphs that give a quick and insightful overview of workflow progress.


WiMi is crafted for large teams that need a hub to organize communication and projects.

Workspaces help centralize data as well as goals and deadlines so that everyone is on the same page. Meanwhile, Channels act as your team’s main communication hub that also includes the ability to direct message. Users also have the ability to video call each other with screen sharing integrated. Lastly, Tasks give teams the ability to structure large projects into easy-to-manage deadlines with shared to-do lists.

Keep Your Workflow Under Control

As you can see, task tracking software is an easy way to center your workday around. By taking the time to learn the software, you’ll be able to take control of your day by seeing the tasks you should be prioritizing. Delegating tasks as well as seeing the progress on a large project is easy through intuitively designed dashboards.

Some project management software even comes with the ability to automate tasks and message team members so that everyone is on the same page.

Ready to take control of your work and keep on top of all of your developer tasks? Try out our fully-functional, 30-day trial today!

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Cheers to you mate.
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Michael R.

Well done! Thank you for this research! A valuable reference indeed. :)

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