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Adam Crockett • Edited on

A meet-up is a place where other programmers go to hang out, pretend to talk to each other for a bit and then just do thier own work for a while before showing what they have done. It's basically an introvert party. This is all down to personal experience, your experience may differ.

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ok, where can you find events for one?

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Adam Crockett

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Joe Steinbring

There is typically a focus for the individual meet-up group (JavaScript, C#, Vue.js, AWS, etc). They usually meet once per month in a company's (that financially sponsors the group) presentation space. There is usually free food and drinks (including beer if that is how the sponsor rolls). Each month's meetup starts with a presentation on a topic (something like "What's new in Vue 3") and then there is social time afterwards so that you can chat with like-minded folks.

It's called what it is because most of these groups organize on and I have never seen there be a cost to attend one but they usually have a jar out for donations ( charges a lot for a host account).