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What are you glad you no longer use?

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Ether you found it to be too distracting, waste of the time, too low of a quality, too bloated or you just don't trust particular brand and found another alternative...

What service or tool are you glad you stopped using?


Editor guide
  1. chrome > new edge
  2. php > .net core
  3. sql > mongodb
  4. wordpress > custom websites
  5. own smtp server > amazon ses
  6. jetbrains > vscode
  7. vue > svelte
  8. bootstrap > tailwinds
  9. asp.net mvc/api > servicestack
  10. layered architecture > vertical slices

there's 10 off the top of my head. there's too many to name I guess.


Why the switch from JetBrains to VSC? And, Vue to Svelte?


vscode: better look & feel (personal preference i guess), feels lighter, one text editor to rule them all.

svelte: better/simpler developer experience, no virtual dom, easier state management, smaller bundle size. snappier user experience.

I’m getting into Data Science, I just found out about creating “tasks” in VSC and It’s helped allot. I’m liking JetBrains because, it seems lighter than VSC, I wish it had some more add ons . I’ve been using React over Vue but Vue seemed simpler but more “sugar” of their own syntax. Will you try Vue3 at some point?

i see no reason to go back to vue or even try vue3. unless vue4 becomes a compiler like svelte. not having a virtual dom is a huge bonus from what i've seen. also svelte stores with auto subscription is just too easy compared to working with vuex imho.

I'm now interested. Vue has been getting on my nerves lately. There is so much boilerplate! I guess Vue 3 may be better but I fear that I will still get stuck and have little help in terms of errors. I'm looking at you Vue reactivity model, why you no react?

I hate the constant errors, you type one “.” Period, and it’s error error error error ...

20 errors from Vue.esm telling me that everything broke. I totally understand, get out of the way Vue!


I haven't used JetBrains in a long time, but I loved it. I started using VS Code about 2 years ago and I think it's amazing. I can't compare JetBrains and VS Code but I can tell you I was an immediate beliver. Oh, and I hate Visual Studio.


jetbrains is pricey

So $24 a month, is pricey for a editor?

Back in school I had a free student license, but after it expired the price was around $500-600 a year. It might be cheaper now.

You can use beta for free. Its called early access program (EAP) jetbrains.com/resources/eap/. I used that more then a year and never had any issue that would affect my productivity or experience.

Ok, so is $25 a month good? Apparently it goes down the second month, or that might be if you pay by year all at once

$25 a month is definitely a great deal for JetBrains product

It seems like every meet-up I've ever been to has involved the give away of a free JetBrains key. If you don't want to pay for a key, go visit almost any meet-up group out there. ;)

Haha good to know! Will do.

What’s a meet-up?

A meet-up is a place where other programmers go to hang out, pretend to talk to each other for a bit and then just do thier own work for a while before showing what they have done. It's basically an introvert party. This is all down to personal experience, your experience may differ.

There is typically a focus for the individual meet-up group (JavaScript, C#, Vue.js, AWS, etc). They usually meet once per month in a company's (that financially sponsors the group) presentation space. There is usually free food and drinks (including beer if that is how the sponsor rolls). Each month's meetup starts with a presentation on a topic (something like "What's new in Vue 3") and then there is social time afterwards so that you can chat with like-minded folks.

It's called what it is because most of these groups organize on meetup.com and I have never seen there be a cost to attend one but they usually have a jar out for donations (meetup.com charges a lot for a host account).

Example: meetup.com/Angular-Boston/events/2...

ok, where can you find events for one?


Thank for sharing I had almost the same path.

Just a question, why do you recommend Amazon ses ? I am for years on "php mail() from my own server" and I am thinking of switching to SES because most of my emails go to the spam folder or are not sent at all (probably some issue with my server), do you think SES will solve that ?


yes deliverability was the main reason i gave up on managing my own smtp server. when the amount of emails you need to send out increases it's too easy to get your server ip blacklisted. ses also needs to be configured properly with spf, dkim, dmarc, etc. you can use a tool like this to determine what needs to be done. your apps should also be removing bounced email addresses from the database, which can be handled by sns topic subscriptions. nowadays, deliverability is all about maintaining email/spam reputation. even though it can all be done on your own, it's just convenient to outsource it to ses due to the low cost. i've been sending over 2k emails daily during the past few years with ses and haven't had a single undelivered email yet (i.e. if the mailbox was valid and reachable). it's quite reliable. btw, in case anyone's wondering, i'm not sending 2k spam/marketing mails a day. i have a change detection & notification service that only sends solicited emails.

Perfect, this feedback is gold for me, thank you very much.


JetBrains is pricey, but their IDE is really amazing. I still have one left of their product WebStorm that has only a few months to spend. After that, would be a forever goodbye.


I read these as ‘greater than’ signs and started thinking ‘really???’ 😂


Same, until I got to PHP > .NET Core 😂

lol yeah there's not even a parallel universe where php can be greater than .net right 😜


lol no way 🤪
well I guess you read it wrong cause the outcome wasnt being assigned to a variable 😜


That's a solid list. Have you checked out Laravel before? It might bring you back to PHP, it actually makes PHP great!


ummm... I don't think anybody has ever gone back to php from c#. the .net ecosystem offers too much convenience, performance and features to let go of. linq, strong typing, kestral, compiled binaries, nuget, visual studio, and a whole bunch of c# language features are really difficult to live without. even the php syntax just feels wrong now to me after using c# over the years. btw I have totally ditched mvc even on .net and I use servicestack for making web apis. there's no way I can let that go either. but I will have a look at laravel just for fun when I get a chance. 🙏🙏🙏


O man. I’m definitely on the left side with everything there. Your new tools are on right side, right? Hard to believe.


yeah new stuff on the right. but in all honesty it's your own level of intelligence and experience that makes you a good developer imho. not just the tools you use. I'm a really lazy developer so I always try to find stuff that does things more efficiently and easily than what im currently using/doing.


I find your 4. quite unpopular (but I agree so muuuuch) but
why do you prefer custom websites over wordpress ? and what do you mean by custom ?
using frameworks ? building them from scratch ?



it really depends on the complexity of the requirements I guess. most of the sites I had to work on became so complex and bloated its a real nightmare with all the plugins and integrations. feels like too many moving parts glued together by duct tape. nowadays for simple static content sites I use either docfx or 11ty. data driven or crud based sites I build with svelte and servicestack.


Mongodb is not a silver bullet :)


definitely not. but I find the mongodb developer experience much friendlier and my apps are much easier to evolve compared to the sql hell I was in. infact I wrote my own mongo db library which makes things way easier for my teams.


You know that you switched from chrome to chrome (more or less)?


lol yeah but edge feels leaner.


What about vertical slices over layered architecture?


here's a video I found useful when I first got introduced to vertical slice arch. pls skip the first 17:00 minutes.
however I don't personally use the mediator pattern like they show in the video. I have a .net core web api project on github if anybody wanna see how I do it now.


I was going to say Internet Explorer. Sadly I still have to use Windows for work, though 90% of my work is done inside a Linux virtual machine


Especially Windows ME


I like macOS way too much. No more ctrl+c problems, system updates are controllable, app shortcut keys are unified, fonts are super sharp on hi-res monitor, etc.

  1. PHP. At some point I've even thought, that programming is not the thing I want to do in my life. But then I switch to Python, and it changed everything. Now I'm back on track and looking at another languages too.
  2. Notepads and simple code editors. Life is too short to waste time on things which are perfect job for computer (like manual refactoring, looking up superclasses, remembering from where to import things, running tests by manually typing commands etc etc). Now I use paid JetBrains IDEs.

I have turned off all the push notifications. I deactivate my social media accounts (especially Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) now and then. This has helped me focus more on my long term goals and increased my productivity.
It also helped me reduce the feelings of anxiety and imposter syndrome!


I'm glad I'm no longer on Facehook, because it wasted so much of my time. They have great engineers, but their choices of product & business model disappoint me.


AngularJS >> VueJS, KrugurtJS (proprietary)
JQuery >> Vanilla JS
Bootstrap >> Vanilla CSS, Yogurt
Windows >> Linux
JetBrain >> Monolith (proprietary)
Apache/NGINX >> NodeJS
WordPress >> 11ty
Traditional Share Hosting >> Digital Ocean
HP/DELL >> Lenovo ThinkPad
Samsung Smaprtphone >> Sony XPERIA Smartphone
Canon DSLR >> Sony Alpha DSLR


Why Yogurt over Tailwind? They seem similar. I'm using Tailwind right now. Thanks!


It just a matter of personal preference. I am Yogurt clan.


One of my personal rules has become that if an employer tries to make you use windows, you shouldn't be there (no matter how much they offer). If they insist on kneecapping you to save $1000 on hardware, it's a sign.


Why would Windows save them money? Linux is free. I guess it would save them money if buying employees MacBooks though

An employer saves money with Windows when they go out to BestBuy and get a $500 HP box to use as your workstation. Putting linux on it afterwards isn't going to save them anything. Dell and Lenovo both sell lovely computers that are preloaded with Linux. They aren't going to be at "I don't care what you use" prices, though and it's beyond the capabilities of a company that is managing 1000+ employee machines.

Really? That surprises me. I bought a Dell laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed. It was considerably cheaper than the exact same model with the latest Windows crap

Well it'd be news to a lot of purchasing departments, I expect. Preach.


Not so much tech related but I found my life improve tenfold when I went from
Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat -> Nothing (I am still on Twitter, but desktop only)
Emails on my phone -> No email client on my phone

Also tech related
Working in Finance -> Being a Developer
JavaScript -> TypeScript


I agree with leaving social networks, earlier this year I deleted everything except for Twitter (which I limit to about 15min a day) and my life is a lot better.


Are you still on Link Din?

  1. Chrome -> new Safari

  2. JS/TS -> Go ( I do backend )

  3. Mongo -> RDBS and GraphDB

  4. WP -> SSG like Hugo

  5. VSCode -> Vim

  6. Monolith -> M/SOA

  7. JSON -> Protobuf / gRPC

Never used Windows to work so I stick with macOS and Arch.


I've been investigating neo4j lately. I like the query language and I do feel like it's a better alternative database than mongo for doing highly relational apps. however I'm holding off until there's gonna be a driver that doesn't require me to write my queries as strings. I'm too addicted to the strong typing and linq support I get from c#.


Yeah linq style is hot!
I do like how Ecto's use this style to query DBs in Elixir this way.
Not fond of C# but definitely of linq style.


Im glad i dont use javascript anymore. Java is way better


Php - > golang - > dotnet core (I'm ashamed even to admit that I used to do php)
Javascript - > typescript
Sublime text/other text editors-> actual IDE from jetbrains
Windows - > Ubuntu (I play only 1 game, cs:go, it runs better on Ubuntu)
Bash - > zsh
That's all I can think of for now


Ha! In 2020, I still play Diablo 2 on a crazy fast laptop that runs Linux Ubuntu. My necromancer sweeps the map like a Tsunami wave with these summoned skeletons as many as the game allowed.

Diablo 2 Linux


I started web development 6 years ago back when I was learning PHP.
Since then I've ditched many tools and technologies for better alternatives. Some of them I can remember are:

  1. notepad++ > brackets > atom > VSCode
    Left npp when I came to know about brackets. but brackets too couldn't keep up with rise of atom. atom is too buggy and slow nowadays so VSCode for life.

  2. Xampp on windows > NGINX, PHP, MySql setup on local Ubuntu server
    Best decision of my life.

  3. Bootstrap > Materialize > Own CSS reset and utility file.
    CSS libraries are bloat.

  4. jQuery > vanilla JS

  5. Windows 7 > Windows 10 > Ubuntu > Manjaro
    F**k Windows! Seriously.

  6. PHP > Node.js
    PHP is just over complicated.

  7. MySql > MongoDB
    MongoDB is a NoSQL database that stores data as JSON-like documents. This works really well with Node.js

  8. Wordpress > Custom CMS / any static site generator.
    Wordpress is just too heavy and overkill for most cases and I don't like PHP anyways.

  9. Google Drive > GItHub
    No explainition needed

  10. bash > zsh
    like bash, zsh is a also a UNIX shell but offers more customization/theming options and git integration.

  11. Shitty laptop > somewhat OK desktop.

  12. Hotel > Trivago


Windows -> Linux -- everywhere and it's so much easier and makes less problems
Any JS Frontend Framework (Like Vue/React etc.) -> HTML, CSS, JS --- feels much more simple and faster
C++ -> Rust -- I never had so many problems with learning a language, but also never had a program running so stable


Windows -> Linux -> macOS

I still use Linux in my desktop but macOS has the advantage of having enterprise apps like MS Office while having a nice interface and being a Unix system


Linux - hardware nor premium software support are never good.

macOS - keyboard settings are messed up. If you ever need Xcode, I totally hate it. Never tried Hackintosh.

I would hate to use both Linux and macOS at the same time.


I've programmed just since 4 or 5 years ago, but when I meet Laravel, was beatiful and my productivity increase 3x. Now the Javascript world is my focus, Angular, Node.js, GraphQL, a lot of tech stacks around Javascript.


Windows > MacOS (can also be Linux but I found OSx is much stable than most distros)
not worth the stress when PC become slow and it eventually will! Can't turn off Windows Updates since 10 came out. Not a gamer so no real benefit for me there. Windows is just so "messy" and slow.


Facebook => Twitter
Windows => Ubuntu


Windows -> Linux (at least at home)
CMS -> hand-written (at least for my personal blog)
IRC, Discord, Matrix -> nothing (no more random lurking in channels, reading people I'm not interested in anyway)
google mail -> posteo.net/hoster provided (not entirely yet)


BASIC, Fortran -> Python
Windows -> Linux
Retail software -> FOSS
FTP -> Git
Antacids, Ibuprofen


Antacids, Ibuprofen

You serious? Maybe you should try alternative medicine.


Exactly. No longer use. No need for alternatives because the choices I made have lead me to a less stressful place.


A 2nd monitor. Now I just use one monitor. I think multi-monitor setups are distractions marketed as improving productivity.


Much of my troubleshooting work involves comparisons, both of code changes and logs, sometimes among 2 or more time zones.

For my kind of work, multiple monitors mean that I can keep up the visual metaphor for complex problems, which simplifies them.


I only miss my second monitor whenever I want to debug something and want my app in the other screen. My laptop is 13" and just too small for all the windows I need visible to debug! Otherwise I'm very content with it.


I'm thinking of buying my 3rd monitor tbh. I can't just use my laptop 15" monitor... It's too much a hassle to switch between programs/tabs/video-tutorials.


As a frontend dev, 2nd monitor isnt distraction.


Notepad.exe as a main programming tool and XCOPY...


Visual Source Safe. Only one person can edit a file at a time. Never need to merge, but ...


Alcohol and video games


I replaced my IDE with Vim and the shell. It's better.

I'm glad I don't use Windows 98 anymore, as well as Ubuntu.


Vim has powers that can sometimes go beyond top dollar IDEs.

  1. OOP > functional programming
  2. turbo pascal > flash > js > js ES++ / react
  3. function call |> pipeline operator
  4. python > rust
  5. notepad ++ > jetbrains > VSC
  6. photoshop > krita
  7. plasticine > blender
  8. videoton TV computer > window desktop > MacBookPro 13
  9. switch language short key > touch bar
  10. rebol > linux console > iterm2

Backbone (Angular/React instead)
Macos (using Linux now)


All manner of online tools to check string length / amount of characters.

I coded my own bash script which is crazy simple and I never have to leave the command line again!



it has some good ideas, like how it organizes view components. I used such structure even without backbine in some app. but the models are useless and having every data object trigger events pretty much lead to spagetty code. the routervlooks powerfull and usefull but alternatives like page.js are a much better fit for growing projects. not to mentions routers, integrated to our todays frameworks.

Sometimes i wonder if some piece of widely adopted tech, is actually holding our industry back.

  1. Desktop > Laptop (MacBook Pro) and then
  2. Laptop > Surface Pro
  3. Cheap mouses > Ergonomic mouse
  4. Cheap chair > High quality ergonomic chair
  5. Cheap keyboard > Expensive, ergonomic keyboard
  6. Cheap 27' monitor > Dell Ultra wide 34'
  7. Joomla > WordPress
  8. Bootstrap > Vanilla CSS (with preprocessors)
  9. jQuery > Vanilla JS
  10. Google Maps > OpenStreetMap (for the most uses, at least)
  11. Atom/Brackets/Sublime > PHPStorm
  12. XAMPP > WSL
  13. Hetzner > DigitalOcean
  14. EasyEngine > Webinoly
  15. Evernote > OneNote
  16. Contact Form 7 > Gravity Forms
  17. ACF Blocks > "Vanilla" Gutenberg
  18. Self-hosted GIT (Gitea) > GitHub
  19. FTP Sync > GitHub Actions
  20. PHPMyAdmin > db management via SSH or PHPStorm
  21. Coffee with milk and sugar > Black coffee

Great list ✨Thanks for the input 🙏❤


Turbo C++ for DOS


Feeling nostalgia... I remembered my first programming language in High School was Borland Pascal.


I stopped using bootstrap and jquery in favor of custom css grid layout mini framework and vanilla js.
Also planning to try postgre instead mysql, I definitely keep Chrome as main browser.
I'm switching from jetbrains to VS Code too, jetbrains are better tbh but heavier too which makes some processes slower so I'm cutting down some heavy apps. The plugin for adding jetbrains key mappings helped a lot too 😆


Windows, .Net webforms, SVN, dedicated servers, cPanel


Macbook Air -> Thinkpad x220
macOS -> Arch
sublime -> vim


Same here. No returning back and no regret.


bash => zsh


Java (for Android) -> Dart + Flutter


React Native => Flutter

  • Notepad++ -> VSCode
  • OneNote -> Notion (OK OneNote is not totally replaced yet)
  • SSMS -> Azure Data Studio (sometimes)
  • SVN -> Git
  • CLI -> Powershell (OK, still using CLI sometimes)

CVS, SVN, Windows, VS Code.


Adobe Experience Manager!


Stopped using Google Chrome and now use Brave instead.


PHP to NodeJS !

  • CSS floats ( => grid & flex)
  • Bootstrap ( => custom css)
  • JavaScript ( => Typescript)

javascript -> typescript
jquery -> vanilla js
bootstrap -> css in js



Vue and Riot are better in virtually every aspect imo


chrome (firefox), sass (postcss), windows (macos), bad keyboards (cheap mech) :)


All shiny things that don't truly give me a measurable quality or productivity boost. Most of this front-end stuff has got to go...


Postman > Milkman
I started developing my own alternative to postman and finally have the perfect tool for all my Api development needs


Asp Net Webforms with Jquery, glad I'm not on that project anymore.. Net core with Angular now.


Very glad to have switched from Ubuntu to Void Linux/OpenBSD. Also to github.com/martanne/vis and vi(1) from vim(1).